Corporate Catering That Drives Productivity and Wellness

Corporate dining for today’s on-the-go business lifestyle is what Fedics Corporate brings to your organisation. The Corporate brand is all about choice.


A typical corporate environment is actually a complex market within itself, comprised of many different types of people, demographics, ethnicities and spending habits. Fedics Corporate brings the right amount of choice to this white collar environment.

How does Fedics Corporate contribute to your success?

By bringing 46 years of experience to our customers, enhancing their:

  • Employee Productivity: Convenience food, Grab-n-Go
  • Wellness: Products for every aspect of health and wellness
  • Variety: Constantly changing menus
  • Value: Offers for every LSM bracket

Fedics Corporate  supports our clients’ talent retention strategies by supporting their “employer of choice” status. A great place to work not only impacts on productivity, but also lowers the cost of doing business as it is considerably cheaper than continuously re-hiring. Fedics understands the strategic importance of keeping people well nourished and settled.

The Fedics Corporate recipe for success:

  • Speed of execution through multi-tiered relationships. You run a professional business, and you need to deal with strategic professionals.
  • Separation of business and food, or put otherwise, the chefs cook and the managers run the business. We never confuse the two as this compromises service and quality.
  • Uncompromising standards. It starts with what we purchase, runs through the processes we use and onto the plate. We bring our experience and training to every meal.
  • Specific expertise for each type of catering –  functions, kitchens, and front-of-house. We staff your unit with experts.
  • Market intimacy. We treat every client contract and site as a separate market, with different needs and profiles. We never treat two contracts the same.

Product Offering: