Industry Leaders Through Experience and Knowledge

With over 35 rigs in our client portfolio in the Middle East, both on and off shore, and some in very harsh physical environments, our track record provides for your peace of mind. Our wealth of experience in this highly specialized sector enables us to support our clients operations by delivering solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency.

The average offshore rig has a captive market of 80 to 120 people on board, working in a harsh and dangerous environment for rotations of up to 45 days. The productivity of the entire operation relies on excellent catering, not only for health and wellness, but also safety and morale. Our comprehensive array of life support services, including catering, laundry, housekeeping, janitorial, logistics, office services, recreation and contingency, provides for all of your non-core service requirements. We know how to manage supply chains, food quality and variety, staff attitudes, and health and safety matters in order to keep people happy and operations productive.

Our processes and systems deliver exacting standards of discipline and awareness, driving efficiency and safety. Our training is industry-leading and our catering teams ensure that all the necessary ethnic menus are available, tailored to each site and Company. We also ensure that all appropriate festivals and holidays are celebrated on the sites, no matter how remote. These special arrangements lift the spirits of the site teams who remain at work during such festivals and holidays.

Your Productivity is our Motivator