Level 1 Contributor under the New BEE Codes

“Achieving 100% on the scorecard is a mere step in the journey, doing as much as we possibly can is what we strive for” – Clive Smith, Group CEO

Fedics is THE UNDISPUTED INDUSTRY pace setter in BEE and already have a distinguished three decade long track record in creating economic opportunity for all through its operations.

The Fedics empowerment story  is truly a triumph of substance over form.

In 1982 the company decided to become an equal opportunity employer and institute an Affirmative Action programme. This unique step started a journey that formed the Fedics DNA.

Since those days Fedics has constructed its entire business model and value chain to support and accelerate employment: how we procure, how we train, our production processes, our business strategy and our approach to contracting, all are deeply influenced by our empowerment commitment.

For Fedics, Black Economic Empowerment is not a legislative checklist, it is the vital progression towards a free and fair working environment for each and every citizen. This is the foundation upon which the organisation was built, and will continue to thrive. It’s about being a values-led business.

Today, Fedics are building on this history of success by implementing programmes of accelerated management development and entrepreneurship creation to build for the future.


  • 40 000 staff
  • 2% disabled employees
  • 44.03% Black Women Owned

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