With over four decades of deep seated experience in the South African market, Fedics is well poised to meet client needs across a broad range of industry sectors.

The original business was the very first large scale outsourced caterer in South Africa, and thus created an entirely new market segment. Fedics quickly established itself as the leading player in the catering market, and the period between 1971 and the early 1980s was spent establishing the company as a progressive, fast growing South African success story.

Fedics’ growth was born out of an ability to think ahead, and this prompted the company to launch its first affirmative action programme in 1981. Thus was born a commitment to progressive management and transformation that has been a core value of the Group ever since.

In the late 1980s Fedics ventured into the airline catering business with the launch of two companies; Air Chefs at first and then later, Gate Gourmet. Further expansion saw Fedics acquire the Protea Hotel Group in 1990.

The mid 1990s were a time of massive change in South Africa, and Fedics was at the forefront of this change in many ways. In 1994 the company was awarded the Sancorp “Investor in People” award, and in 1995 received the Black Management Forum award for “Most Progressive Company”.

At that time, the business was amongst the first to conclude a meaningful BEE transaction, and in this progressive theme Fedics also won a premier marketing award for their industry-leading implementation of segmented offers and brands.

Fedics were listed on the JSE but chose to de-list in order to pursue a shareholding strategy that created further opportunity for empowerment shareholders.

The early 2000s saw continued growth and innovation and the spinning off of the Air Chefs and Gate Gourmet operations so that the company could focus on the contract catering market. At this time, significant focus was placed on the company’s empowerment rating, with the effect that the business was the first large private entity ever to achieve a full rating, and in the late 2000s steadily rose to BEE level 2 contribution, achieving its highest ever rating of 94.3% in 2009.

We have knowledge and experience of every segment and type of client operation, and are able to bring this knowledge and experience to fulfill every different client need we encounter.

All of this accumulated experience has given Fedics an unbeatable USP in the marketplace today: experience.

No two contracts are the same, and Fedics have seen them all!


Company founded as a contract catering business by Federale ICS and Trust Houses (UK).

Trust Houses sells its share to the other shareholders.

Fedics implements its first affirmative action programme.

Airport catering concessions commence at Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Fedics wins SAA in-flight catering tender and establishes Air Chefs.

Fedics’ training college opens.

Air Caterers enter into a joint venture with Gate Gourmet.

Purchase of 40% equity in Protea hospitality group.

Fedics establishes the Institute for Hospitality Studies.

Air Chefs forms a joint venture with Transnet.

Fedics awarded Sankorp’s Investment in People award.

Fedics establishes 9 black empowerment ventures at Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban international airports.

Fedics launches Our Dream – a vision programme for the future.

Fedics receives the Black Management Forum’s Most Progressive Company of the Year award.

Fedics forms a joint venture with Drake and Scull Engineering UK to offer full Facilities Management Services.

Purchase of 33,3% shareholding by a black-owned investment consortium comprising an investments progress group, Nozola and Siphumelele.

Fedics launches in-house branded food courts.

Fedics introduces segment branding.

Business-to-Business Marketing Company of the Year award from the Institute of Marketing Management.

Birth of the Tsebo Solutions Group, parent company of Fedics.

Finalist for the Black Management Forum’s Most Progressive Company award.

Implementation of a supply chain strategy and e-procurement through mymarket.com.

Tsebo features in corporate research foundation publications, SA’s Leading Managers and SA’s Most Promising Companies.

Sale of Air Chefs and Gate Gourmet in-flight businesses to focus on core business.

Fedics listed in SA’s top 300 National Companies.

Fedics listed in SA’s top 300 Empowerment Companies.

Purchase 43% shareholding in Wiesenhof Coffee Shop.

Fedics achieves first Empowerdex AA Rating.

Fedics is recognised as an Emex BEE Verification Level 3 Contributor.

Recognised as an Emex BEE Verification Level 2 Contributor.

Purchase of 49.9% shareholding by Absa Capital and 15% shareholding by Lereko Investment Holdings.

Achievement of the highest BEE rating ever for generic enterprises in the contract catering industry.

2016 Achieves an historic Level 1 Rating on the 2015 Amended BEE Codes in South Africa.