As a company, Fedics has built itself on a philosophy of putting people first. We retain a steadfast dedication to the growth of our employees, as it is their experience that is our most compelling competitive edge in the industry.

Managing people responsibly  

As the largest employer in the industry, Fedics sets the benchmark for employment practices. Consistent with its values and history, Fedics upholds the highest values in the equitable management of people.

Our Principles

  • Our processes are compliant with legislation and lead the industry
  • We do not create cost advantage at the expense of our staff
  • We lobby for fair legislation and application of the law
  • We allow employees due process in every possible way
  • We afford employees opportunity in every way possible

Investing in knowledge 

Significantly, Fedics is the only organisation in the industry which has its own training college. Established in 1994, the Institute for Hospitality Studies offers Fedics staff access to courses ranging from craft skills to IT skills and business training. Learners emerge with NQF certificates that are recognised throughout the industry.

Creating tomorrow’s skills 

Fedics runs a training programme which aims to ensure that each staff member consistently learns new skills throughout their tenure with the company. The training programme, it combines career development with learning, and creates a pipeline of skills for the industry.

Moulding future leaders

Fedics sponsors every middle and senior manager to complete the 18 month Leadership Development Programme at GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) Business School. This is to ensure they are able to support our clients strategically and operationally.

Employee wellness

Fedics was the first South African business to offer nutritionally enhanced food developed to boost the immune systems of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Since this initiative started, Fedics has run programmes for the management of HIV and invests in causes that support good nutrition for HIV/AIDS sufferers.