Fedics is an industry leader in adopting environmentally safe practices in the contract catering industry. We are deeply aware of the responsibility we have within our own operations and at our client’s sites to impact positively on the environment.

We see sustainability as a holistic topic. For Fedics, sustainability is not just about the fad of “going green”. Sustainability for Fedics encompasses every aspect of managing our business as a responsible member of society, protecting the natural environment, our internal human capital, our community stakeholders and our customers.

In this way Fedics seeks to play an expanded and proactive role in improving lives and leaving a legacy of positive contributions.

Fedics is governed by a strict environmental policy that we encourage our clients to support. Additionally, we conduct internal training on managing our business responsibly and we engage in many community upliftment programmes.

We work closely with the Tsebo Foundation, and our operational processes, inputs used and products marketed are all designed to minimise harm to the environment.