Nutritional healing that improves the patient journey       

A well-balanced, healthy meal plan has always been a major contributing factor towards a quick recovery and sustained wellbeing. This is what Fedics Healthwise is all about.

How does Healthwise contribute to your success?

Healthwise is integrated with the core functioning of our clients’ operations – hospitals. The highly specialised Healthwise division, through its flagship product, NutriCare, takes hospital and medical catering to unseen levels of quality, value and convenience.

At the heart of the offering is a myriad of nutritional diets, designed and constantly overseen by our professional dieticians. These cover day-to-day patient requirements, but more importantly, the special diets that are essential to aid the healing process. These include, but are not limited to, diabetic and cardiovascular diets.


Supporting this is the quality of the chefs and cooking staff. We employ highly skilled operators who deliver the very best in patient care.

Outstanding service – Fedics Healthwise are the first catering company in South Africa to implement dedicated ward hostesses to manage the “patient experience” and ensure that they are cared for in every way they require. These are purely service staff, not caterers.

Healthwise is a source of great innovation within Fedics. Some of the recent Healthwise market firsts include:

  • à la Carte menus
  • Patient call on demand systems
  • Bedside retail
  • Luxury Doctors dining
  • Nursing staff dining

Fedics Healthwise Core Principles:

  • Unmatched Service – building the hospital culture and engaging in training and structures development
  • Expertise – providing onsite dieticians as well as hygiene and standards of the highest level  
  • Simple food, looking good – providing basic, consistent and wholesome catering
  • Special diets – serving a wide variety of meals and practicing constant innovation
  • Client brand experience – providing uniformed and responsive personnel
  • Patient interaction and education – we don’t just serve meals, but interact with patients constantly

Product Offering: