Kym Shuttleworth – St Anne’s College

Dear Fedics Team,

I have been a Boarder Mistress here at St Anne’s College for the last 4 years and an acting House Mother for 6 months.
I have had the pleasure of eating 3 wonderful meals everyday , prepared for us my magicians in the kitchen.
I attended the Matric Leavers Dinner last term and I was so impressed, that I felt the need to express myself via email to you.
We were wined and dined as if in a 5 star hotel, the catering was delicious, and the service highly commendable.
I know that you run a tight ship in that kitchen, but your staff are the most genuine bunch I’ve ever come across.
Your kitchen and staff are run with aplomb. Your food too delicious ( hence my extra tyre round the belly ) and your smiling friendly face, always such a pleasure to see. Ive watched you interacting with the girls and it is clear to see how much they love and appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for asking us our input and taking all our dietary needs into consideration. I think that you are a star.

Kindest Regards

Kym Shuttleworth
Housemistress: Mollie Stone

C Snyman, General Manager Human Resources – Bridgestone SA (Pty) Ltd

To all another year is gone and as I believe it appropriate at this time of year as I always do, I look back and evaluate the year gone by to assess how we did.

It was a difficult and dramatic year with the loss of love ones the construction work and movement of equipment and all the other changes that was made as well as the loss of Laura from our Department . It’s common cause that the HR Department did not miss a step and this is because all of your hard and dedication.

You all did a wonderful job Illana you picking up the HR Admin and lifting it to a new level the HR dept received many compliments because of your dedication …thank you. Llewellyn always their to assist and pick up pieces no doubt the HR department would not be where it is without you … you are the backbone of the HR dept. Zalisile the manner in which you have assisted in creating a more stable workforce and synergy you have created with the shop stewards do not think we have every had a more stable workforce.

Selwyn great work with Security always willing to assist and doing a fantastic job with keeping our plant save. Colleen one of the most important jobs keeping our workforce fed and always helpful and friendly. Cannot wait for next year opening your revamp cafeteria sure you will be great in there no doubt. Felicity running the medical department like a well oiled machine we are going to miss you. Davidene well done this year provided a professional service and always a friendly face.

A special word of thanks to Roxelle, Rhamuna and Astrid you guys were terrific always there to assist and just because we do not say that often enough does not mean we do not notice your effort and really appreciated your hard work

Laura I included you because you were in our team for most of the year ,it feels strange writing message without your name and I could not leave you out ..good luck in your new department …and yes we will miss you

To all of you have great holiday and festive season you deserve it

Roxelle only joking about the breweries

C Snyman
General Manager Human Resources
Bridgestone SA (Pty) Ltd
Port Elizabeth
Tel: 082 8807773
+27 (041) 4042114

Bridgestone South Africa is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation of Japan, the worlds largest manufacturer of tyres and other rubber products. Tyres account for 80 percent of Bridgestone Group sales worldwide. The Group also manufactures industrial rubber, chemical products, sporting goods, and other diversified products. Bridgestone tyres are sold in more than 150 countries around the world. For more corporate information on Bridgestone South Africa visit:

Bruce McClatchie, Chief Operating Officer – Marsh Africa

Dear All

Thank you for the immense effort that went into the preparation of the Africa Boardroom for today’s workshop. It was a huge privilege to sit in the boardroom on the 5th floor today. I realize that getting this ready to that level of quality 5 days ahead of schedule was no small task. It is truly an impressive facility and the manner in which it was presented today was faultless. Décor and furnishings modern yet warm, technology seamless, catering and service superb. The Marsh International COO was presenting to the Executive team and all were extremely impressed and complementary.

A very big thank you to each of you and your extended teams for an amazing job – I appreciate the significant effort.

Kind regards
Bruce McClatchie
Chief Operating Officer – Marsh Africa