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Dear Fedics Team,

I have been a Boarder Mistress here at St Anne’s College for the last 4 years and an acting House Mother for 6 months.
I have had the pleasure of eating 3 wonderful meals everyday , prepared for us my magicians in the kitchen.
I attended the Matric Leavers Dinner last term and I was so impressed, that I felt the need to express myself via email to you.
We were wined and dined as if in a 5 star hotel, the catering was delicious, and the service highly commendable.
I know that you run a tight ship in that kitchen, but your staff are the most genuine bunch I’ve ever come across.
Your kitchen and staff are run with aplomb. Your food too delicious ( hence my extra tyre round the belly ) and your smiling friendly face, always such a pleasure to see. Ive watched you interacting with the girls and it is clear to see how much they love and appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for asking us our input and taking all our dietary needs into consideration. I think that you are a star.

Kindest Regards

Kym Shuttleworth
Housemistress: Mollie Stone

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