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Office beverage solutions

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, companies need to have amenities in the workplace that reduce downtime and aid talent retention. If you’ve noticed everyone leaving your office for lunch, or even a decent cup of coffee, you know you’ve got a problem that needs fixing. Thankfully, Tsebo has the solution.

Tsebo Beverage Solutions provides professional coffee and refreshment services for your team, scaled to your needs.

We give you high-quality products, quality service and unmatched attention to detail so your team members feel valued.

Our refreshment solutions keep employees energized, motivated and ultimately helps your company improve productivity.

Premium Coffee and Tea.

We bring top quality teas and premium coffee roasts and blends to your workspace. Our team will work with you to design the ideal mix of top brands and office favourites to satisfy the preferences of your employees, clients and customers.

Unmatched Track Record.

Tsebo has been in the food services business for over 50 years. Our proven systems, processes and staff training ensure a smooth running and hassle free experience for you and your team from inception. Our bargaining power with suppliers ensures that we get you wide variety of beverage options.

Snacks and Refreshments.

We have the ability to adapt our operations to your needs, scaling up from providing just coffee, tea and simple snacks and refreshments to creating a fully stocked kiosk and break room or pause area for your team.

Personal Service & Friendly Staff.

Unlike typical coffee vendors, we don’t just provide a machine and leave everything else to you. We provide end-to-end beverage and snacks vending solution that can extend to boardroom or meeting services depending on your requirements. Our friendly service staff are always on hand. Whether you’re at your desk or in a meeting, they’ll bring you the pick-me-up you need.

Boardroom Service.

We offer a range of food and refreshment options for the boardroom that can be customised to your needs. Our boardroom service is purposefully convenient and discreet, supporting the productivity of meetings, seminars and presentations rather than disrupting these activities.

Give your company an inspirational beverage and snack service to help them perform at their best.

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