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Catering to all tastes with Fedics

Listening to clients and anticipating their needs is important and no more so than in the hospitality sector explains Fedics, one of the country’s leading outsourced catering companies.

With this in mind Fedics has introduced a new treat for some of their Gauteng and North West clients in the form of Maggie’s Original Mageu.

Clive Smith, CEO of Tsebo Outsourcing Group (within which Fedics is a division) explains after being approached by Maggie’s Original Mageu, they ran a test sample at their Bridgestone client and the feedback was positive. “We understand the role we can play is supporting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and that they enhance our supply chain. Through the nature of our business we rely heavily on suppliers and in an effort to support the desire to promote sustainable economic growth and positive transformation in our country, we believe supporting SMEs through procurement is vital to lay a foundation for a sustainable supply of skills.”

Clients now stocking Maggie’s Original Mageu have grown to include SAB (South African Breweries) Rosslyn, TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) main campus and a few Rustenburg mines.

Maggie’s Original Magau is produced by “Maggie” Mogase (Koko Maggie), who at 82 is still working to ensure her brand of traditional mageu is the best there is. Using a recipe handed down to her from her grandmother, she says the recipe is a celebration of her grandmother’s love and a constant reminder of her African roots.

With her grandchildren now involved in the business, situated in Ga-Rankuwa, the range has grown to accommodate more modern tastes with banana, custard, pineapple and strawberry on offer.

“Our observation is that Fedics is indeed committed to opening procurement opportunities to black owned SMEs like ourselves and we are grateful for this chance. It is a big milestone in our business’s three year history to be supplying our SABS tested mageu to the mines, as we have experienced resistance from other companies,” concludes Potso Mathekga, co-founder of Maggie’s Original Mageu.

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