Fedics are 100% committed to upholding and adhering to ethical business practices in every aspect of its operations. We have a zero-tolerance policy for our employees on any form of dishonest or unethical behaviour, and we champion responsible corporate citizenship within our industry and with our clients.

Fedics believes we serve our clients and stakeholders best when we engage in fair, honest competition and contract with our clients in a transparent fashion.

Fedics is bound by the policies of the Tsebo Solutions Group Social Ethical and Transformation Committee (SETC). The SETC actively oversees all processes, outputs and strategies across the Group for maintaining corporate ethical standards. The SETC works in tandem with the Group internal Auditing team, and both report directly to the Group Corporate Board.

We encourage the use of Tip-offs anonymous, a free telephonic service enabling employees to report wrongdoing. It is untraceable and independent, and all reports are delivered straight to Board level and acted upon immediately.