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Fedics peddles its wares

This year’s Argus cycle race proved great fun for about 70 Fedics employees and their families and friends, as well as students from the Metanoia Residence at University of Stellenbosch, for whom Fedics caters.

This is the fourth year that Fedics has supported the race: The first two years saw Fedics walk off with the Best Refreshment Station award, followed by the Best Spirit award in 2006.

To participate, Fedics had to overcome some logistical challenges not the least of which being that Klaasjagersberg, where the Fedics stand was, is half way round the 109km course, completely isolated, and has no power or water. The road is closed for the race at 6.00 am, so the Fedics folk had to be transported there at 4.30 am to get everything ready for 7.15 am when the leading bikes passed.

Fedics’ theme was, of course, a culinary one, with everybody wearing chef’s jackets. This year the group added a mock bike wash into its stage area, and had its usual Fedics cheerleaders and great sound to keep things rocking.

Fedics says this was its best year at the Argus, with the weather behaving beautifully, a fabulous vibe at its station and 30 000 cyclists showing their appreciation with smiles and waves, and some stopping for drinks, a massage from one of the physiotherapists, or help from the bike repair shop on site.

In true Fedics style, the company turned an isolated Cape Peninsula spot into a party to remember!


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