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Fedics Promo Meals

Innovation is always on the menu at Fedics and the Big Event of 2010 proved no exception. In collaboration with Coca-Cola, the Laduuuuuuuma Meal was a winner, as were the Combos and Platters that enabled Fedics to take advantage of the “gees” and up sell products daily.

Laduuuuuuuma Meal

The Laduuuuuuuma Meal brought a signature dish from each participating country – fish ‘n chips from England, eisbein and sauerkraut from Germany – to drive up combo meal sales as an alternative to the regular meal of the day offering. Pricing varied depending on which of the eight offerings the customer chose, and each 500ml Coke came with voucher which qualified the customer for a R2.00 discount, which was only valid for the Laduuuuuuuma Meal and served to up-sell diners to the 500ml Coca-Cola.

Grab a Goal Combo Meal

A Grab a Goal Combo Meal promotion allowed customers to choose one of eight country-themed combinations, like the Ole Le Bleu French baguette with a Bonaqua water; a German bratwurst, sauerkraut and Coke; and Brazilian chicken wings and chips with a fountain Coke. There was at least one country-themed combo on offer every day from a series of meals developed for the discount initiative. Prices were reasonable, portion sizes made each plate a full meal and the inclusive drink is always attractive to customers.

Pick a Platter

Fedics also designed a range of to-go Platters that customers could order for functions after work where families and friends gathered to watch the football. Platters came in “standard” and “deluxe”, and each was designed to serve 10 people. Customers were encouraged to “say no to cling wrap”, with each platter packaged in a more environmentally-friendly stackable, sealable and transportable tray. The offering was themed for the continents – Asia, Africa, America and Europe – with appropriate decals on the packaging. Various options were available to suit budgets and customers were reminded to purchase their Coca-Cola in an appropriate size for the function.

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