Brain food for our future generations of leaders

A place of learning is sacred. As providers associated with them we take our responsibility for the success of learning very seriously. We provide attractive, fun products and environments that help learners and institutions to make the most out of the journey of learning.

How does Class contribute to your success?

With over 40 years of experience in educational catering, Fedics Class has learned some valuable lessons that we build into every meal and contract.

  1. Good food is good health.
    On average, a learner will eat 4000 school meals between playschool and the 12th Grade. As custodians of the future, it’s our job to make sure that these meals taste good and provide the best nutrition.
  2. Lifetime eating habits form early.
    Research has shown that early childhood nutritional education helps learners develop good eating habits and good health, which stays with them throughout their adult lives. This in turn has a positive ripple effect on society’s health at large.
  3. Good nutrition enables development. 
    A young person’s body and brain development is inexorably linked to the quality of nutrition they receive. Once this development has occurred it cannot be undone. With Fedics Class we do it right, first time.
  4. Progressive schools are respected.
    Schools that embrace and shape trends in education are well known and admired. Fedics Class understands the important role we play in “branding” our client schools.



Our educational product:


Fedics has been associated for many years with some of the most prestigious schools in South Africa. We are proud of this heritage and that it has enabled us to market the latest generation of so-called ‘SmartChoices’. This concept combines healthy school catering with nutritional lesson planning material for teachers. The two elements work together to ingrain the habits for a healthy lifestyle into learners at a young age.

Tertiary learning

Fedics have leapt ahead of the industry with its class-leading concept in student catering, Planet Savvy. This concept provides students with a wide range of modern food that targets all student needs and occasions, from “healthy dieting” to “sports nourishment”, and offers a market first in Energy Optimised Catering. This means that Fedics is able to implement proprietary technology that reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint in our kitchens on an ongoing basis.

Pillars of the Class Brand

  • Education: we teach children about a healthy diet and optimal nutrition
  • Dietetics: our catering managers have practical and scientific knowledge about diet and nutrition
  • Flexibility & Choice: we offer cashless options, size-up options and menu flexibility
  • Value: for us, both value for money and client cost is critical

Product Offering: