High volume catering that keeps you running at optimal efficiency   

Catering is a critical productivity factor in an industrial and manufacturing concern. These environments typically operate on a rigorous schedule linked to plant efficiency benchmarks and the energy levels of workers in critical.

The dietery requirements of the customers in this segments are specific and unique. They need to deliver energy and support specific health concerns. Furthermore, they are diverse markets, for they contain the full LSM spectrum; from LSM 3-4 on the factory floor to LSM 10-14 in the Executive suite.

With the longest heritage in South African catering, Fedics Commercial understand how to balance the various interests and concerns of industry and manufacturers, and deliver consistently excellent products.


Over 46 years experience in keeping our clients productive

Pillars of the Fedics Commercial brand

  • Wholesome, filling and nourishing – One-meal-a-day, must be great
  • Uncompromising about food – Zero tolerance for poor food
  • Absolute value – To help our customer get more from their wages
  • Cheerful Environment – Zero tolerance for dull FOH
  • Variety – Frequent menu cycle changes and continuous innovation
  • Corporate Office Excitement – Food for the office work

Product Offering: