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Outsourcing For The Mining Sector

Outsourcing is a dynamic activity and Tsebo Outsourcing Group are proud to introduce Equality Reef Services (ERS), a specialist service company providing tailor made hospitality solutions to the mining sector.

Group CEO Clive Smith explains the ERS service offering incorporates an extensive range from catering to retail shopping, cleaning, dedicated supply chain services, security, equipment maintenance, health and safety management systems and hostel administration and management.

“In June 2007 Tsebo Outsourcing Group acquired Equality Food Services and since then we have identified many synergies with existing division Fedics Reef Food Services. Thus the Group decided to amalgamate interests to increase capabilities and offer clients a comprehensive service.”

He explains ERS offers a combined 34 years of expertise and value extraction – as Equality Food Services and Reef Food Services enjoyed considerable brand recognition prior to the merger.

“Equality Reef Services enables clients to capitalise on their combined buying power and value extraction, leaving clients free to concentrate on core revenue activities, knowing peripheral yet crucial non-core activities are in the hands of Equality Reef Services.”

Knowing one size does not fit all, Equality Reef Services have developed key offerings for the mining sector such as the Phambili Miner Diner, which provides for a broad range of freshly prepared products, individually priced to suit most budgets and customer preferences.

Furthermore payment for meals are linked to a point of sale system supported by a smart card, with a computer system capable of storing customer information.

“This innovation, a first for the mining industry, is ideal for employees who are given a monthly meal allowance as this gives them the freedom to decide how to use their allowance.”

ERS also operate general dealer shops providing retail and bulk sale goods, known as Ama Supas, which are conveniently situated for the mineworker.

Addressing the nutritional intake of the miners is as important, thus they incorporate effective wellness through rrecipes and menus to proactively address nutritional intake, with particular attention paid to a balanced diet for improving immune systems, which will benefit all employees, specifically those who are HIV positive.

The Tsebo Group is one of the few organisations to address the nutritional intake of employees infected with HIV/AIDS through the food served in canteens and restaurants, with various campaigns highlighting the importance of eating a balanced diet for optimum health, which also impacts on productivity.

As a pioneer in the mining industry, Equality Reef Services can draw on their many years of experience to ensure they offer clients cost-effective operations, improved use of facilities and strict adherence to health regulations.

A winning strategy across the Group has been one of shared services through the appointment of key national resources, providing greater synergy and expertise across all of the Group’s divisions.

A progressive and empowered partner, they have ensured they align themselves to the Mining Charter and continue to meet and exceed BEE requirements.

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