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Sandton Clinic Fedics staff highlight the red ribbon

Fedics staff at Sandton Clinic made a special effort on World’s AIDS Day this year to highlight the red ribbon and all it stands for.

On Wednesday 1 December 2010 Fedics staff and friends converged in the hospital’s main dining room, where they lit candles, held hands and said a prayer in solidarity with all those affected and infected by AIDS. They also prayed for those not infected to live safe and healthy lives.

All Fedics staff wore red ribbons, showing unity in the fight against HIV/AIDS. A healthy menu was offered and each patient at the hospital was given a red ribbon from Fedics along with their meal.

With prevention being a key theme, a display was set up in the dining hall where the staff provided educational pamphlets amid posters reminding attendees to “take responsibility” and that it’s all about “your choice, your life”.

Banners, pamphlets and booklets discussed not only prevention, but treatment options and the stigmatisation involved for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Fedics staff liaised with healthcare professionals at Sunward Park to conduct free testing for those who wanted to know their status.

The staff managed to source an educational video to top all their information, and attendees were “advised to condomise” to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission.

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