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As part of Fedics’ 21 years of providing top class catering at Roedean School (SA), Fedics Regional Director lnland, Jack Ferreira, presented the Executive Headmistress of Roedean School (SA), Mary Williams, with a still life painting for her office.

Ferreira commented that while prices have changed over the years, with a sandwich being 35 cents and supper costing the princely sum of R1 in 1987, surprisingly enough the likes and dislikes of the girls have not changed that much. Irrespective of fashions and trends, desserts are as popular now as they were 21 years ago, as well as the baked treats, which the girls enjoy on Tuesdays with their morning tea break.

Fedics still ensures the girls are given wholesome food, which provides the energy needed for both mental and physical activity.

Ferreira commented that it has been encouraging to see how many of the catering staff have worked at Roedean School (SA) for over 21 years. This has helped to build a family atmosphere.

He went on to say that Fedics looks forward to another 21 years at Roedean, a stalwart among girls’ schools in Johannesburg, and can only begin to imagine what menus will be served in the year 2029!

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