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Teamwork the name of Fedics’ cooking game

Fedics Inland Regional Chef of the Year competition 2009

This year, there was more than one cook in the kitchen when Fedics, the food services division of Tsebo Outsourcing Group, decided that teamwork will decide the winner in this year’s Fedics Inland Regional Chef of the Year. The annual cook off was held at the University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality in Auckland Park on 20 October 2009.

Nine teams made it through to show off their culinary skills at the prestigious inland regional finals this year. Organiser and Regional Chef for Fedics, David Keir, says, “The theme of 2009 was ‘Teamwork in Training’ which meant that three people represented a team, each with their own responsibilities – a Manager, a Chef and a Junior Chef or a Food Service Assistant. This format delivered a very exciting competitive edge in the end.”

Teams took part in two categories. They were:

Category A: Business Select and Leisure

  • Team Standard Bank
  • Team Country Club Johannesburg Auckland Park
  • Team Alexandra Forbes
  • Team JP Morgan
  • Team PDNA

Category B: Food Service, Iziko, Healthwise and Leisure Staff Feeding

  • Team Telkom Towers
  • Team Carnival City
  • Team Denmar Clinic
  • Team Morningside Clinic

Teams had to prepare a three-course meal comprising a starter, main and desert for six people at a certain cost. Each team’s table display had to compliment their chosen theme. Teams had to adhere to a set cost for their table display. All teams had to present menus, recipes and costing to the judges.

Judges took into consideration the final presentation, as well as the preparation process including hygiene, safety, time keeping and wastage during the competition. The judges who had the mammoth responsibility of selecting the winners included accredited judges from the South African Chefs Association (SACA) – Martin Kobald (Group Ex Chef Nestle Professional), Mike Baker (Group Ex Chef Crown National) and Peter Dalzell (Fedics).

The prizewinners at the end of the day were:

  • Category A: Team JP Morgan
  • Category B: Team Carnival City
  • Overall:
    • Best Hygiene – Team Alexander Forbes
    • Team Spirit – Team Denmar Clinic
    • Best Table – Team Telkom Towers
    • Competitors Choice – Team Alexander Forbes
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