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The Alchemy Magazine Unveiling Insights and Innovations : Our Final Edition for 2023

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We are thrilled to present the latest edition of The Alchemy of Food Magazine, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of Tsebo Catering Solutions and our latest endeavours. Within these pages, we delve into pivotal articles that encapsulate innovation, expertise, and industry excellence of catering services in South Africa.

In “Coffee in the Spotlight,” meet Richard Hime, Tsebo’s Head of Coffee (Beverage Solutions), whose expertise and passion for liquid gold are reshaping the business landscape.

Elanie Kruger, Chief HR Officer, shares insights on Tsebo Solutions Group achieving B-BBEE Level 1 and driving equitable transformation, while Annelize Zeelie, Tsebo Catering Solutions Dietitian, navigates us through the holiday season with a dietitian’s guide to healthy eating.

The magazine also explores regional highlights, featuring Adele Jansen Van Vuuren, Tsebo Segment Director, and Dale Riches, Managing Director, Fedics discussing retirement-focused lifestyle solutions and Fedics’ impactful efforts in the retirement sector.

“Celebrating Culinary Excellence,” dive into the heart of the much-anticipated “Chef of Steel” competition, witnessing the incredible talent and intense competition amongst our best chefs.

Moreover, discover remarkable milestones such as the Mercedes Benz East London Unit’s landmark ISO 22000 Certification and Fedics Healthcare’s commitment to elevating culinary experiences in healthcare.

Energizing from a strong base, Tsebo established vending solutions and coffee shops nationwide. Richard, Head of Coffee, aims to amplify offerings, targeting smaller workplaces with tailored coffee shops.

The focus is on quality, consistency, and exceptional service. Talent acquisition is key, building an in-house ‘coffee tribe.’ Branding and ambiance play a pivotal role, emphasising a contemporary look and sustainability.

Tsebo priorities Rain Forest Alliance-certified partners for 74% of tea and coffee. Cutting-edge self-serve coffee solutions enhance workplace experiences. Tsebo Coffee and Beverage Solutions look forward to 2024, promising an enhanced coffee experience with new options and tailored solutions for clients.

Fedics as a world class catering service we invite you to explore these compelling articles and insights that reflect Tsebo’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and transformative impact.

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