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Fedics is built on people, progressive business ethics and taking responsibility for our impact our clients and their customers, on the environment, and society at large.


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To protect and serve

As South Africa’s leading black-owned hospitality services and facilities management company, Tsebo Outsourcing Group makes it their business to understand your business – not only for compliance to the strict standards of the healthcare industry, but because your business impacts on the country’s greatest asset: Human beings.

Well known in the industry is Tsebo’s food services division Fedics, a company that takes its commitment to food quality, nutritional value, hygiene and service extremely seriously. Says Clive Smith, Tsebo Group CEO: “The healthcare environment is one in which Fedics comes into its own, with our experience, expertise and dedication applied to each area in equal measure. The standards we set for ourselves in healthcare are then followed through in all the other areas we operate in.”

Fedics Healthwise is the “Business Class” service that sees a fine dining experience brought to the healthcare sector, complete with an appropriate menu selection, table settings and a ward hostess to ensure the highest level of personalised service. “Where people are unwell, service and menu can make a huge difference,” Smith says. “Fedics employs a full-time dietician who assists in designing menus and implementing diet manuals for patients who require special meals, enabling us to cater for a variety of special diets and ensure they are fulfilling, nutritious and enjoyable.”

Service, too, is top drawer: Fedics Magmatec technology means meal selections can be made a few hours before mealtime and any last minute changes can be accommodated at the touch of a button.

To guarantee the highest levels of hygiene, specialist division Tsebo Cleaning Services works on the most scientific and efficient global cleaning practices in both staff expertise and cleaning equipment. “The vital nature of hygiene in hospital and other healthcare environments means that Tsebo Cleaning Services is required not only to meet, but to exceed, both legal and best practise requirements,” says Smith.

To round off the healthcare environment offering, Drake & Scull is a leading provider of integrated facilities management services, including the management of maintenance, gardening, pest control, laundry and housekeeping, security and related facilities. “This means,” says Smith, “that Tsebo Outsourcing Group is in a position to offer hospitals a one-stop service that ensures consistency and quality from start to finish.

“In setting the highest standards for ourselves in every area from our Level 2 (93.4%) B-BBEE rating to the way we treat our staff, and right through to the services we provide for our clients, we take care of a healthcare facility’s peripheral operations while they focus on their core business. In all, it’s about human wellbeing.”

Smith says Tsebo Outsourcing Group is sponsoring the Gala Dinner at the upcoming HASA Conference in April and looks forward to meeting up with valued friends and colleagues.

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