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Tsebo Outsourcing Group has happily been supporting Operation Hunger for over 20 years

Tsebo Outsourcing Group has happily been supporting Operation Hunger for over 20 years in a very different way: knowing how important marketing is for any company, Tsebo Outsourcing Group has been sponsoring Operation Hunger’s annual report.

Now including pictures and colour, we are proud to have enabled Operation Hunger to produce an annual report superior to none.

As a concerned corporate citizen, Tsebo Outsourcing Group recognises that no business can survive in isolation from the communities in which it operates. As such, the company strives to add value through involvement in various community upliftment and aid programmes.

The Group has inculcated a culture of caring and empathy within the company, encouraging employees to be ambassadors for the Group by looking at ways to make a positive difference in their communities.

For a company like Tsebo Outsourcing Group, whose core business is providing people with a nutritious daily meal each day, the association with Operation Hunger is extremely relevant.

We are proud to join Operation Hunger in its commendable efforts to provide food for the disadvantaged and help make a small difference to those who are less fortunate.

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